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Trip to Fresno

Saturday, August 30th, 2008

Mark and I went to Fresno last night to visit our friends Shawn & Eli. Steve and Kim came down from Atwater as well. They all think that Donovan is a wonderfully behaved baby, which about 95% of the time, he is. Us girls had 6:30pm reservations at New Stars restaurant (Vegetarian/Vegan) with a trip to Babies ‘R Us afterwards and we had every intention of taking him with us. However, Donovan was in the middle of his meal when we had to leave so he stayed at the house with the three guys. :)

Mark said that he fussed on and off for a little bit when he was fighting sleep. When the girls got back at a quarter to 10pm, he was eating again. I took over from Mark and he (Donovan) pretty much just passed out in my arms. We stayed until about 1am and Donovan just slept the entire time and all the way home. Mark put him to bed when we got home and we collapsed at a little after 2am.

The next thing I know it’s 7:47am and Donovan is making his usual waking noises for me to get up and go get him. That’s 10pm to almost 8am of straight though sleep from him. 8-O I could not believe it! Even when he woke up he was refreshed and playful with me, not screaming like he needed to eat that instant!

So while I do think this was a fluke, I am hopeful that he will at least start to sleep 7 to 8 hours straight at night (he’s been doing 5-6 hours). If he does, this would be perfect timing since I go back to work next Friday, September 5th.

First Beach Trip

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

So we decided to get away from the valley heat and take a day trip out to Pismo Beach. We really didn’t spend much time on the beach, but enough to get a few pictures and to get our feet wet.

Donovan didn’t think much of the very little water I got on his feet the first time I dipped them, but when I did it a second time and got them really wet he didn’t like it so much (see the Movies page).

We tried this great little place in downtown called Pismo Fish & Chips and they had a beer battered Halibut and fries platter. It was the best fish & chips I’d ever had :cool:

Here’s a picture of Donovan in his first swimsuit his first time at the beach (I know, he doesn’t look very happy):

Order Photos

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

I’ve been slowly photoshopping the wonderful pictures that Brittany took of Donovan before she went back to school. I’ve been posting the final pictures to a photo album at Walmart’s photo website so if anyone wants to order prints of the pictures and pick them up at your local Walmart, you can. You will need to create an account on their website here. So far, this is still my favorite pic:


Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

You might notice a new Gallery link on the right-hand side of the page. After some fiddling, I was able to include a gallery linked to our Picasa website. We will be adding pictures to it as we go.

Took you long enough Daddy…