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New Movies

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Yea…so it took a week longer then I expected but here are the videos that I promised. Lets just say that Windows Movie Maker sucks for working with widescreen videos. I had to go and find my copy of Pinnacle Studio to get a video without the huge black borders that Movie Maker put on both of these.

You’ll see black borders on the videos below but that’s because of the size of the box, if you view them on YouTube they look just fine. Windows Movie Maker added it’s own black borders as well making the entire video look scrunched up.

embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direct Donovan Walking embedded by Embedded Video

YouTube Direct Donovan Crawling

Just an update

Friday, February 13th, 2009

So I was looking at the site today and realized that we haven’t updated much lately. Donovan is doing great, he hasn’t fully started crawling yet but he has started pulling himself along on the ground, so we’re getting close.

I’ve been trying to make sure that we work on this every night and he’s getting faster and faster all the time. We have a bunch of toys for him that we place slightly out of reach, so that he has to pull himself to them, but we have found that the best motivator so far is my iPhone. He kind of slowly crawls to get his toys but if I put my phone on the ground that kid flies trying to get it…

Along those same lines he’s also getting close to walking on his own. He’s been cruising the walls in his crib and just about any solid surface he can hold on to and is getting more balanced on his feet every day. Just last night, while holding his hands to help him balance, we walked from our bedroom out to the kitchen to see what mommy was doing.

This week we started to introduce 3rd stage foods which helps him to figure out chewing and gives him new textures to try. He seems to be taking pretty well to that and apparently he really likes pasta.

Since it looks like it’s going to be a cold and rainy weekend here in Visalia I’ll try to get some new videos of him walking around and crawling. Hopefully I’ll have something new to post either Saturday or Sunday.